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Back from the LJ Grave. [Oct1011]
[ mood | chipper ]

I like using this as an outlet for only my own thoughts.  I don't think very many people I know are even aware I have this blog unlike Tumblr.  I'll keep her alive for a long while.

My life is hectic as fuck right now, but that's how I like it.  I do miss having a lot more "me" time.  I can't remember the last time I had real "me" time.  Midterm assignments are over this week so hopefully my "me" time will come next weekend.

Missed ya LJ.

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I really should stop neglecting this all of the time.
The only really interesting thing going on with me is that a) I got so bored so I made a twitter account. and b) I opened up the latest issue of nylon magazine to be very dissapointed that I couldn't find anything about Metric, even though Metric's name was on the cover.
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you wanna know how i got these scars? [Jul0708]
wow, so i finally got to see batman last night.  i had to wait around for four hours, but it was completely and totally worth it.  hands down one of the best movies i've ever seen.  if i were heath, i would be proud to have left such a brilliant peformance behind.  he really was fantastic.  i've decided that i'm going to be the joker for hallowe'en this year.  there'll probably be lots of other jokers, but i'm going to put my own little spin on it.  :) 
other than seeing batman not much else exciting has happened.  work has been going good.  i'm pretty much stoked to get paid for the first time.  haha.
i think i'm going to montreal tomorrow so my next blog should be a bit more exciting, haha.

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it's been quite a while, in my opinion.  i finally got a job!  i work at mcdonald's now, haha.  today was my first day and i actually enjoyed it.  most of the people are really friendly and nice, and the work isn't too hard.  i'm pretty sure that i'll enjoy it and it means money in my pocket!  since i've last blogged, i've seen stars, plain white t's and metric live.  there were all amazing!  i wish i could go back and do it all over again, but of course, i can't until next summer.  i already can't wait. haha.  the weather here has been nothing short of disgusting, lately.  nice and sunny, but of course it's been repulsivly hot and i can barely take it.  thankfully, this is the last day of gross heat for little while.  august usually isn't as bad as july, and i certainly hope that it cools down.
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i can read you, you're my favourite book. [Jul0708]
[ mood | peaceful ]

hello darlings.  i've taken this wonderful summer oppurtunity to revamp my livejournal.  i missed it.  i don't suppose that there are people still checking my journal for updates out of the current friends that i have, but i suppose i'll garner some new ones sooner or later and hopefully my blog will become poplular again?
my summer has been going great lately.  i saw feist live about two days ago.  i've waited years to see feist live, and i finally got to, so it feels pretty damned good.  on tuesday, i'm seeing stars, day after that plain white t's, and the day after that metric.  i love bluesfest.  i turned sixteen on june 25th.  it feels good, to be honest.  i'm the baby of my circle of friends so it feels good to not be a 'little kid' (as they say...) anymore.  all of my friends are seventeen or eighteen.  i'll hopefully be getting my driver's liscence soon.  i can't wait for that one.  i don't suppose i'll use it too often because i'll just bus everywhere as i normally do.  canada day was also pretty amazing.  i went downtown with curtis and stuart.  we watched the fireworks on parliament hill.  i loved it.  
summer's been great, and i hope it gets even better soon... or at least until the end of august at which point i'll have to get my wisdom teeth pulled out.  fun. 

take care, loves.

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