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i can read you, you're my favourite book.

hello darlings.  i've taken this wonderful summer oppurtunity to revamp my livejournal.  i missed it.  i don't suppose that there are people still checking my journal for updates out of the current friends that i have, but i suppose i'll garner some new ones sooner or later and hopefully my blog will become poplular again?
my summer has been going great lately.  i saw feist live about two days ago.  i've waited years to see feist live, and i finally got to, so it feels pretty damned good.  on tuesday, i'm seeing stars, day after that plain white t's, and the day after that metric.  i love bluesfest.  i turned sixteen on june 25th.  it feels good, to be honest.  i'm the baby of my circle of friends so it feels good to not be a 'little kid' (as they say...) anymore.  all of my friends are seventeen or eighteen.  i'll hopefully be getting my driver's liscence soon.  i can't wait for that one.  i don't suppose i'll use it too often because i'll just bus everywhere as i normally do.  canada day was also pretty amazing.  i went downtown with curtis and stuart.  we watched the fireworks on parliament hill.  i loved it.  
summer's been great, and i hope it gets even better soon... or at least until the end of august at which point i'll have to get my wisdom teeth pulled out.  fun. 

take care, loves.

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